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The Nuestro Mundo Community Group gives Nuestro Mundo families a variety of ways to help raise funds for the school.

Fundraising opportunities include:

  • Bucky Booksbucky-book
  • Woodman’s cards
  • Box tops
  • Business profit share

And for families who would rather not purchase items, we added a no-sale fundraiser where families can donate directly to the school.

The Community Group also hosts several events that raise funds for the school while they help build the community.  These include Día de los Muertos and a community movie night.

Nuestro Mundo, Inc. extends a big thank you to all the families who help raise extra dollars to help enrich the school and make Nuestro Mundo Community School a great place to work and learn.

Please email the Nuestro Mundo Community Group at communitygroup@nuestromundoinc.org if you would like information on how to participate in any of these fundraisers.