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The Nuestro Mundo Family & School Alliance gives Nuestro Mundo families a variety of ways to help raise funds for the school.

Fundraising opportunities include:

  • Bucky Booksbucky-book
  • Woodman’s cards
  • Box tops
  • Business profit share

And for families who would rather not purchase items, we added a no-sale fundraiser where families can donate directly to the school.

The Family & School Alliance also hosts several events that raise funds for the school while they help build the community.  These include Día de los Muertos and a community movie night.

Nuestro Mundo, Inc. extends a big thank you to all the families who help raise extra dollars to help enrich the school and make Nuestro Mundo Community School a great place to work and learn.

Please email the Nuestro Mundo Family & School Alliance at alianza@nuestromundoinc.org if you would like information on how to participate in any of these fundraisers.