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Nuestro Mundo, Inc. provides grants for teachers, parents, students, and staff to enhance education at Nuestro Mundo Community School.

Funds are available for classrooms, clubs, and projects that will enhance educational and leadership opportunities at Nuestro Mundo Community School.  Please download a grant application form.  Grant applications will be reviewed monthly and are due by the last day of the month.  Please send questions and completed applications to grants@nuestromundoinc.org.

Recent grants include:

  • Rain garden and outdoor classroom plants and materials
  • T-shirts for the winners of the Puma Run
  • After school salsa dance club
  • After school Spanish reading club supplies
  • After school Let Me Run boys running club
  • Before school Club de Creadores
  • After school robotics club
  • Teacher school-improvement-plan book club materials
  • Book Bowl competition
  • Get Fit heart rate chest straps for gym class
  • School laminator
  • Figureheads school assembly
  • Bus fare to Milwaukee for a pro-immigrant march