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Nuestro Mundo Inc. is run by an all-volunteer board of directors.
The the board committees move our mission forward.

During the 2017-18 school year, the NMI Board of Directors meets from 6-8pm on the second Monday of the month.  Meetings are open to the public.  If you would like information on attending an upcoming meeting, contact info@nuestromundoinc.org.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for implementation of the five-year strategic plan and for monitoring the progress of all other board committees with respect to their ability to achieve the objectives set forth for each committee in the Strategic Plan.

Bridging Committee

The Charter School Contract directs the MMSD Superintendent and NMI Board of Directors to appoint official representatives to meet quarterly, or as needed, to address issues related to school operations and implementing and amending the charter school contract. This collaborative process is also responsible for the establishment and implementation of a school improvement plan and a management plan.

Community Development Committee 

The Community Development Committee develops productive community partnerships and collaborations, maintains our community roots and commitment to families and community organizations that support our mission, vision and values. The committee is responsible for organizing events that promote community participation and parent involvement such as the DLI Summit and the Summer Program in collaboration with the Educational Planning Committee.

Community Group

The Community Group is a volunteer organization consisting of NMCS parents, staff, community members and NMI directors. Under the direction of its co-chairs, the Community Group plans and implements monthly meetings around school issues, improves parent communications and cross-cultural relationships, supports classroom activities and supports NMI’s efforts to advance the mission of NMCS.

School Committee

The School Committee is charged with developing actions that address the establishment of goals for student achievement, professional training for teachers, ensuring a quality dual language curriculum, supporting the School Improvement Plan, implementing the Management Plan and addressing staffing needs for NMCS.

Finance Committee                  

The Finance Committee is responsible for establishing the organization’s budgets, managing NMI cash flow, organizing and preparing for audits, completing financial application for Community Shares of Wisconsin, establishing and maintaining contracts and insurance, and the establishment of financial plans that comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). 

Marketing and Fundraising Committee

The Marketing and Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing and creating a marketing plan, and for overseeing NMI’s overall fundraising goals. The committee is responsible for maintain the NMI website, Facebook page, annual report, and other outreach materials. The Committee cultivates donors – both individuals and grants to support NMI’s goals.  Committee members implement CSW’s The Big Share.        

Structure Committee

The Structure Committee is charged with development of board policies and procedures, volunteer and new board member training, establishing protocol for management of full-time employees, responding to the organization’s IT needs, updating bylaws, and oversight of the organization’s website.

Nominating Committee 

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the recruitment of volunteer members with a specific set of skills and expertise, to serve on various committees and on the Board of Directors. The committee works closely with the board and committee chairs to determine what the skill sets are and assures that the board and committee memberships comply with the organization’s bylaws.